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Jonathan J Moya

Godzilla romped to a premier weekend of $93.2 million, the second best opening of the year. (Captain America: The Winter Soldier is #1 with $95 million.) Those numbers are more than $30 million over what the studio estimated, so naturally Legendary Studios announced there will be a sequel.

While America wonders who will be Godzilla's next foe, Asian monster fans may already know. There is reportedly a post credit sequence reported both by Jap Nation and other news sources that features Mothra commanding an army of MUTOs (Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organism) with her wings. Director Gareth Edwards well known for his distaste for post credit scenes did not permit one for the American market.

Overseas, and particularly in Asia,movie releases are a joint venture. So the post credit scene could have been created by a third party and secretly inserted by the second distributor only to mysteriously disappear after the weekend box office has been tallied. Or it could have been produced by Legendary as a rejected Easter Egg.

Mothra would make an interesting Godzilla foe. Godzilla has never been able to defeat Mothra on his own. Her weapons arsenal-- silk spraying, metamorphosis, and poison mist- would prove formidable for the King of Monsters. Add an army of MUTOs to that and an awesome sequel that includes a giant battle for control of the fate of the earth would easily get a green light.

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