ByMatthew Culp, writer at
Nothing better than a movie or television show that completely takes me out of reality.
Matthew Culp

Many complain about reboots, saying these films should not be remade because it ruins their childhood memories.

Imagine a world without The Dark Knight trilogy....

Every film has potential to be the next best thing.

A great example of this is the sudden reboot of Spiderman. Many were upset to hear about the reboot so soon after the Raimi trilogy. However time has changed fans minds. The Amazing Spiderman franchise is wildly popular, and for some it is the original.

Imagine a 5 year old child never seeing the Raimi films and his father takes him to go see Amazing Spiderman. Every film is someones first film. This child will grow up with this version of Spiderman being HIS version.

We should not look at an original franchise as being the only version of a story.

Remeber.. There is no such thing as a bad film. Every film is a favorite to someone!!


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