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Around a week ago, Zack Snyder teased the Batmobile reveal by tweeting this black and white picture of a tarp-covered Batmobile:

After the reveal, I caught an article on Comics Alliance that got me thinking. The article, written by a Chris Simms, mentioned the possibility of the covered vehicle being the Supermobile. While at first, I didn't take the article seriously, it seemed more like a sarcastic joke to everyone that was screaming in anticipation for the Batmobile. I knew it was the Batmobile, why wouldn't it be? After the reveal a little later of the suit/batmobile pic, it confirmed our hopes.

However, I put a little more thinking into the idea of a "Supermobile" appearing in a film. Why can't the Supermobile appear? Most people tend to think of the Supermobile as a Batman rip-off (and it sort of is), but why can't there be a Supermobile in a film?

Is it because of the campy Super Friends show? They used it quite a bit on that show, and often under ridiculous circumstances.

The Super Stretchy Hands? Gotta Love the Super Friends! (They're inside Aquaman's body btw)
The Super Stretchy Hands? Gotta Love the Super Friends! (They're inside Aquaman's body btw)

Is it because the Supermobile is a product of the rather foolish times in Superman Comics?
Actually, that's not entirely true. The Supermobile debuted in Action Comics #481 (1978). In the first story, Superman uses it to take down the supervillain Amazo, who had attacked the Fortress of Solitude.

In the 1970s Superman was on a comeback from (fun, but rather childish) stories from the 60s. 1978 also happened to be the year Superman flew onto the big screen and into cinematic history.

Well, why does Superman even need a "Supermobile"? He can do pretty much everything without it. So, I put this together to show how the Supermobile would fit into the DC Cinematic Universe.

First: Here is a description of the Supermobile's abilities. (Found on Wikipedia)

The Supermobile duplicates Superman's powers, and acts as a conduit for the his powers, allowing him to channel them through the vehicle itself. The Supermanium hull of the Supermobile shields Superman from red solar radiation that would rob him of his powers, making it so that he remains at the height of his abilities as long as he is within the vehicle. When Amazo remarks that no engine on Earth could react as quickly and easily as the Supermobile's, Superman responds, "You're right about that, Amazo! But who said anything about an engine?", revealing that the vehicle is powered completely by Superman himself.

Besides invulnerability and flight, the Supermobile also channels Superman's other powers using the following devices: Large mechanical arms mounted on either side of the cockpit area, allowing Superman to both punch and grasp. A scope on the control panel which can be adjusted to work with each of Superman's vision-related powers: normal, telescopic, microscopic, x-ray, heat, and night vision. Air jets that pop out from various points around the vehicle, allowing Superman to use his super breath if he blows into a face mask attached to the control panel. A monitor and other communications and listening devices substitute for his super hearing.

Superman is unaffected by Kryptonite/Red Sun inside
Superman is unaffected by Kryptonite/Red Sun inside

So, now that we've established the Supermobile's abilities, let's put them to use.

The Untitled Man of Steel Sequel is to have Lex Luthor as the main villain. Wonder Woman, Batman, and possibly a few other heroes will be making an appearance in the film as well, with Batman starring in the film alongside the Man of Steel. There have been rumors of many other villains (with Doomsday & Metallo being the usual suspects).

So we know that Batman and Superman aren't going to be friends at first (if at all in the film), and we also know that Lex Luthor will probably be trying to discover Superman's weakness. Kryptonite will most likely appear in this film, and will probably appear in the form of Metallo.

Metallo is a robot/man (origins vary) made with Kryptonite. If he's walking around the streets doing whatever he wants, how is Superman supposed to stop him?
Metallo is a robot/man (origins vary) made with Kryptonite. If he's walking around the streets doing whatever he wants, how is Superman supposed to stop him?

Metallo is a robot/man (origins vary) made with Kryptonite. If he's walking around the streets doing whatever he wants, how is Superman supposed to stop him?

Enter the Supermobile. With its ability to protect Superman from Kryptonite and the rays of a red sun, Superman can be "Super" without putting himself at risk.

But, how can there be a realistic Supermobile? I don't think the stretchy arms of the comics Supermobile will fit into the Man of Steel Universe (though it would be pretty cool to see).

The Fortress of Solitude (the scout ship from Man of Steel) was destroyed (or damaged pretty heavily) by Zod and Superman in Metropolis. Superman could always rebuild it, or more likely, move it back into solitude & change it into a permanent building/residence. It could become Superman's personal museum or a monument to a long gone civilization (Krypton). (I sincerely hope we haven't seen the last of it though.)

Well, why can't the Supermobile be made of remnants of some Kryptonian ships? (Or the Fortress of Solitude?) I think it'd be kind of cool to have to see Superman use his brain over brawn for a film. Making a Supermobile (or getting Batman to make it for him?) would be a pretty cool scene. The plus side of the Supermobile, is that it's never been done in a Superman film before.

Granted, I wouldn't call it the "Supermobile" except maybe as a joke, or even as a Batman rip-off joke. Imagine Superman teasing Batman about his "Supermobile" in comparison to the "Batmobile". I'd enjoy that. Who says we can't have a little fun with the new cinematic universe? I'd like to see a little bit of lightheartedness in the upcoming film.

Now I know that this is probably not going to happen. The chances are ever so slim, they're closer to microscopic size. But I think it would still be interesting to see, since there's an obvious need for it once Kryptonite/Red Sun Rays reach the plotlines (and/or private markets).

So what do you all think?

Would you like to see it happen?

Is the Supermobile too campy for a modern day vision?

Am I too stupid for reading articles on Comics Alliance?

Let me know in the comments below.



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