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I can see most of you posting already, "WHAT THE HELL, GODZILLA WAS GREAT, RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE!" without even reading this article. So before you begin posting how dumb I am or how I don't enjoy fun movies let me explain why I think this is a horrible [Godzilla](movie:45291) film.

Godzilla has always been very animistic, he may not always be the definitive antagonist, but he never shows any real traits of humanity. This film, and just a heads up, this will be spoiler heavy, takes the opposite end of this making Godzilla the main antagonist. He's not an anti-hero, he's not a villain, he is our main protagonist. The trailers set this film out to be what we all expected it to be, Godzilla destroying the world, while Heisenberg (Bryan Cranston) was using his scientific skills to try and find a way to stop him. It was advertised as going to be a very dark, emotional, and suspenseful if not down right horrifying. What we got was what I have been referring to as a giant green puppy dog defending humans from two... things. There is no suspense or fear because Godzilla is on our side, Godzilla doesn't want to harm humans and goes out of his way to not hurt them.

Throughout the film, Godzilla doesn't harm people, and the main argument is "well Godzilla's main enemy is the MUTOs and that is why he doesn't care about them." Well, to reiterate, that could be true except as I stated above, Godzilla goes out of his way to not harm the humans. He constantly dives under the boats that are in his way, doesn't attack them when they are clearly harming him, and even manages to save all those people on the boat from being shot by missiles, Godzilla is the good guy and that was the plan from the beginning. The studios and creators of this film only wanted to create a film that would make people fall in love with Godzilla so that parents would buy their kids all the Godzilla toys and go to see all the sequels. Even going back in the film, none of the children look terrified of Godzilla and only stand their with great looks on their face as they watch the quote "King of Monsters" defend their land.

This film is a laughable excuse as a Godzilla movie, and you could even go as so far to call it a complete bait and switch only for the purpose of selling products. Growing up with Godzilla I can say my expectations of this film were much higher than what were executed which, isn't saying much because the trailers set the expectations pretty damn high.

Now with all that being said for what it is, it's a fun movie, kinda like Pacific Rim. The action is great, the visuals superb, and the acting mostly from Cranson, which spoiler alert, they can pretty quick, was pretty damn good, and if you enjoyed this film great. But it's not the film that we were expecting based off of the trailers and advertisements which clearly showed this movie off as being a Godzilla movie, not a fun movie.


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