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A TV ' Webisode ' series with Kane Hodder, Robert Englund and Danielle Harris? Well I had to give this one a try!

Consisting of five 6-7 minute episodes, Fearnet's Fear Clinic series is a great watch! It is currently being made into a full length movie as a sequel to 2009's web series, and will be released some time this year!

A Quick Synopsis:

Five young adults travel to a special clinic run by the infamous Dr. Andover to treat their phobias. One by one their worst fears begin to manifest themselves and intrude into each patient's reality. Is Dr. Andover's cure worse than the disease?

The Mini Web Series consists of 5 episodes:

1: Hydrophobia (Fear Of Water)

2: Scotophobia (Fear Of The Dark)

3: Entomophobia (Fear Of Insects)

4: Misophobia (Fear Of Contamination and Germs)

5: Claustrophobia (Fear Of Confined Places)

Episode 1 - Hydrophobia. The first episode follows a young man who has a perfectly rational fear of water. We are told that his mother drowned in the bath when he was younger, and he has been frightened of it ever since.

Definitely the scariest episode, as it features a rather eerie scene where the young man's dead mother is floating around the bathtub, her feet curled over and dragging along the floor, not to mention when her facial features change from happy to unnaturally menacing in a split second.

Episode 2 - Scotophobia. "Are you ready to overcome your fear?" In this episode Dr Andover.... 'helps' poor Danielle Harris to overcome her fear of the dark and the monsters within it.

After being put into the machine, Danielle hallucinates that she is trapped in a hallway filled with 'monsters of the dark' - the only way out is the elevator at the very end of the corridor. This episode was good, because it showed how people with phobias tend to think they are in real danger.

Episode 3 - Entomophobia. Scared of bugs? Then this episode definitely isn't for you! This poor girl has to get over her fear of insects, and let me tell you it isn't nice how they do it.

This episode was well made, but not my favourite as it just made my skin crawl! Unfortunately the young woman didn't make it to the end of the episode, as she just couldn't handle Dr Andover's... methods.

Episode 4 - Misophobia. So this guy's afraid of bacteria and germs. Unfortunately for him, he dropped something important into the rubbish bin. Now what? Whilst trying to get it out, he gets 'infected' by the bacteria and the mass slowly grows on his skin until he becomes stuck in a wall of... Goo?

I would definitely label this one the strangest episode, but probably my favourite nonetheless. It was also quite funny to see the two horror legends Kane Hodder and Robert Englund get into an argument, with a 'Freddy's Revenge' reference thrown in!

Episode 5 - Claustrophobia. The Zombies? OK, I'm gonna be honest and say that I don't know what they were meant to signify. So this episode, a young guy has to get over his fear of confined spaces. So what does Dr Andover do? Well, he traps him in a giant grave and starts filling it in of course! There's also the benefit of a few zombie.... things.

Give the series a go, it's worth a watch!

I personally think the whole thing could have been done slightly better, but I still enjoyed it anyway. That's why I have such high hopes for the 2014 Fear Clinic movie which is to be released soon, starring Robert Englund, Fiona Dourif, Thomas Dekker and Kevin Gage.

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