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Cruise the internet for very long, especially if you google Spider-Man movie, and you will find out real fast which of the 5 movies done by Sony is considered the weakest addition: SPIDER-MAN 3!

Blamed mainly on the plot holes and too many villains, the final chapter in the Toby Maguire Spidey series rests as the worst of them all to most fans. But, as in all movies, there were many scenes cut for length so to play nice with movie theaters. Could all of those cuts help save the story? Some fans think so.

There is a concerted grassroots effort to get Sony to re-release Spider-Man 3 in a director's cut.

Various sources confirm a great wealth of material that never made it into the theatrical cut of the film and – several years later – we are still eager to see these deleted scenes. As with your previous Spider-Man 2.1 release, we hope to see this footage reinstated into a more complete version of the movie.
We the fans couldn’t be happier that you continue to support the “Spider-Man” franchise. It has generated many happy hours of entertainment, and millions of dollars in revenue. While the series has moved on to a new cast and creative team, the fans of Sam Raimi’s original trilogy are still as passionate as ever. With a great license comes great responsibility.

Follow the link to sign the petition: SPIDER-MAN 3 PETITION


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