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BREAKING NEWS: In the weeks instalment of 'celebs are just like you and me' Brad Pitt has proved he is a great neighbor by chucking a cold brew to his New Orleans neighbor, Matthew McConaughey.

Sit back, kids while I tell you a beautiful story of Hollywood bro-manship.

So, one day Matthew McConaughey is just chilling with his family on a balcony in New Orleans, when they start wildly pointing to the apartment opposite.

Thankfully, there wasn't a swarm of cunning paps across the way waving their vile, soul stealing cameras. It's just Brad Pitt.

Clearly, Brad noticed Matthew was a little parched from the excitement of seeing someone he bumps into all the time at premiers anyway so he did what any good man would do. He tossed a bro a brew.

Man, he really tossed it.

Then Matthew McConaughey damn right enjoyed that beer. With Drew Bees, naturally. The end.

God, it's almost poetic.

UPDATE: There's a video now! Ermahgerd!

Are you touched by this beautiful moment of Hollywood Bro-manship?


If Brad Pitt tossed me a beer I would...

(Source: Hollywood Life)

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