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When someone from a band you thought was lame at the tender age of 14 manages to bang Cameron Diaz, you have to wonder what is going on with the world.

Eternal teenager and total f****ing punk (sarcasm intended) Benji Madden is rumored to be dating Cameron Diaz, so maybe her taste in men is as questionable as her tendency to overshare about her genitals.

X17 has reported that Madden was spotted leaving Diaz's Hollywood home after a 'sleepover' on Saturday, and a source also let slip that;

Cameron is pretty into him ... she likes the bad boys! But the thing is, Benji's actually a really nice guy. They've been having fun together, making sure it doesn't get too serious too fast

But wait, there's more!

This morning the British newspaper, The Daily Mail, posted pics of the pair emerging from a work out session together. Check out the evidence below;

I would site the way Madden is wistfully staring at Diaz's spandex clad buttocks as evidence of a fling, but he is only human.

Who knows if this is a bona fide romance, but stranger things have happened in Diaz land. Namely that time she was spotted getting all loved up with Criss Angel and then got sued by his secret wife for causing their divorce. I can't even.

One things for sure, if Madden's sexist anthem 'Girls & Boys' rang true this romance certainly wouldn't work. I'm pretty sure that Diaz has plenty more 'cars and money' than poor Benj. Hard luck, old chap.

Do you guys think Cameron Diaz could really be dating Benji Madden?


Is Cameron Diaz dating Benji Madden?

(Source: X-17)

(Images: The Daily Mail via AKM-GSI and Vid Trigger)


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