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Skylar Astin, star of the hit musical [Pitch Perfect](movie:589160), spoke on the upcoming sequel (Pitch Perfect 2) in a recent interview. The sequel will follow the students from Barden University as they move through their final year; singing a few numbers as they do.

Check out what he had to say:


I did sneak a peek in what I am singing but there is no way I can mention anything because it can change at any minute.

Anna Kendrick:

I love Anna Kendrick because I think she is a consummate professional. She is funny and I think there is a reason why she is very successful because she is very ambitious. Plus she is the ‘cups’ girl. Why wouldn’t you love her?

Elizabeth Banks (Director):

I feel completely confident with her at the helm because in the first one she was our lead producer. Not a lot of people know that so she was there every single day. She decided what angle to make my hair go! I mean, she is a perfectionist and she is also really cool so I know I get along with her and I know she can ask me to do anything and I will do it because I trust her. I am excited because its like cool cousin Liz directing the sequel that’s what it feel like.


There is like a rumor online about Demi Lovato — I have know idea where that would fit in. I would like to see though Dave Mathews because I used to go to his concerts when I was younger. I think it would be cool if he was like Jesse’s older brother or something like that like cool and hip or maybe like his uncle or older cousin.

Pitch Perfect 2 will be released on May 15 2015.

Are you looking forward to the musical sequel?


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