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Shailene Woodley has stomped on Divergent fans dreams by indirectly confirming that whispers about her dating her hunky co-star Theo James are false.

Fans of the young adult drama were all a flutter at James and Woodley's off-screen chemistry, and it is not hard to see how rumors of a real-life romance came about. The pair have publicly complimented each other's looks, been photographed arm in arm on numerous occasions and seem to positively glow with chemistry in interviews.

Oh no, we're just good friends...
Oh no, we're just good friends...

Alas, talk of a relationship between the pair are probably nothing but idol gossip. When questioned about the direction of her love life Woodley explained that;

I have zero expectations and zero rules. I'm open. I can't see it being another actor, except that they understand this lifestyle. Hey I could fall in love with an Aussie and move to Australia. Who knows!

While the 22-year-old actress has not totally ruled out a relationship with a fellow star, it does seem unlikely. Not to mention the fact that James is reportedly already in a relationship with actress, Ruth Kearney.

Woodley is well known for her laid back, New Age world view and it is much easier to see her getting it on with her local herbalist or crystal vendor than another famous face.

Do you guys agree that it is difficult to imagine Shailene Woodley dating another Hollywood hotshot?


Are you sad Shailene Woodley is probably not dating Theo James?

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