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John Green's insanely successful YA novel, The Fault In Our Stars, is finally getting its big screen moment and, apparently, it's already hitting people right in the feelings!

Not only did The Fault In Our Stars trailer became the most liked trailer on YouTube last week when it surpassed the One Direction: This Is Us trailer, author of the popular Young Adult novels Green also revealed that he cried every day on set during filming. And now, as if we needed any more reasons to think this movie is going to be great, star Shailene Woodley has revealed that ever since she heard about The Fault In Our Stars, she just knew she had to be in it!

In a recent interview with Bustle, Woodley reveals why she couldn't let this one slip through her fingers:

I read the script two years ago and read the book immediately after. It was more that I was just so keen on this movie being made, more than anything. You’re right for a role or you’re not right for a role, so I wanted a chance to audition. I was just like this movie, this book, this is going to be so healing for so many people. And those messages are so beautiful and so important and movies like this aren’t being made. The fact that they did make a movie where their lead female has a cannula in the whole time — I was so moved by it. I really wanted the movie to be made for other people to experience it. I was lucky enough to audition.

The Fault In Our Stars follows Hazel Grace Lancaster (Woodley) and Augustus Waters (Elgort), two teenagers who survived cancer, who meet in a support group and fall in love. Both have a lot in common: they are kind of precocious, for instance, and both share a fascination with An Imperial Affliction, a novel dealing with cancer. It makes only sense that Augustus decides to take Hazel on a trip to Amsterdam, where the author of the novel lives. The objective of said voyage: to get answers to the big questions!

I am so prepared to cry my eyes out when I see this movie. What about you kids?

The Fault In Our Stars arrives in theaters on June 6, 2014.


The Fault In Our Stars is going to be...

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