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The Cannes Film Festival was gate crashed by two armored cars chauffeuring Sylvester Stallone and the other stars from the upcoming The Expendables 3.

One tank was carrying Stallone, Jason Statham, Harrison Ford, Mel Gibson and Wesley Snipes while the following tank had Arnold Schwarzenegger, Antonio Banderas, Kelsey Grammer and Randy Couture.

The tanks escorted the stars of the new movie along the beach side road to their press conference about the new movie.

Stallone announced at the press conference that the movie would be a PG-13 instead of the previous certificate of NC-17 claiming that:

We want as many people to see it as possible

It could be said that this decision is what destroyed other franchises like Die Hard and Terminator but I'll reserve judgement until I see the movie.

The Expendables franchise has revived a few careers in its time, from Eric Roberts and Dolph Lundgren to more recently with Mel Gibson and Wesley Snipes; long may it continue if we get our eighties action stars back.

The story of the third movie will follow the Expendables getting together to take on co-founder of the group, Stonebanks, who is now a ruthless arms trader; he is played by Mel Gibson.

This is the third Expendables movie that has featured longtime friends Stallone and Schwarzenegger.

The Expendables 3 will be released this August.

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