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Ghostbusters is a name which is ingrained into the human psyche in an extremely deep and immutable way. If you shout at someone "Who you gonna call?", it is a scientific fact that they cannot help but shout Ghostbusters back at you. Seriously, try it out in the streets.

However, did you know that one point the title could have been Ghoststoppers or Ghostblasters? Well, it's true... perhaps. What we do know is that they did film alternative versions of scenes using the other names - especially when it came to the Ghostbusters TV commercial scene. Some internet sleuth has seemingly uncovered unseen footage from the original classic which shows off the filming of this scene - with the alternative names. Check it out below:

And so, why did they also suggest we call the GhostStoppers/GhostBlasters? Well, there's a couple of potential options. Firstly, there was a TV series from the 1970s titled, The Ghost Busters, which was not associated with the Ivan Reitman directed feature film. Columbia Nation did eventually pay Filmation for the license to the name, but perhaps this scene was filmed prior to this deal being struck. So although Ghostbusters appears on the clapperboard, perhaps they filmed alternative names in case they were unable to gain a license to use 'Ghostbusters'? It's an idea.

A second option could simply be the original script included a skit in which the Ghostbusters try out a series of alternative names before arriving at their now famous trademarked name. Personally, I think my money is on the former explanation.

What do you think? Do we need a GhostBusters 3, or is it better that we're left with the good memories? Let us know below.


Do we really need a Ghostbusters 3?

Source: ComicBookMovie


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