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The legal battle between Frank Darabont and AMC over what the former Walking Dead showrunner claims was wrongful termination by the network is getting as bloody and messy as an actual zombie apocalypse.

Back in December, Darabont claimed AMC had scammed him out of contractually assured profits from the smash-hit series, but the network has fired back, accusing the Season 1 showrunner of mounting an "ill conceived" lawsuit.

In a scathing letter to the plaintiff, AMC wrote:

Doubling down on their ill-conceived theory of the case, Plaintiffs now seek to use discovery to conduct fishing expedition through the files of Defendants, a television network, two television studios, and a parent company, to obtain access to highly sensitive proprietary and confidential information that bears no relevance to Plaintiffs’ claims, including highly confidential and proprietary information relating to television shows other than the one at issue, [The Walking Dead](series:201193).

Okay, so it might not be as violent as a typical TWD season finale, but in the court of law, this is some gruesome shit.

However, it was the final part of the letter that really stuck the knife into Darabont's back, saying:

Contracts are not screenplays. The law does not permit them to be unilaterally rewritten simply because one party dislikes the ending. Yet, that is precisely what Plaintiffs seek in this action.


With both sides firmly dug in and prepared for trench warfare, there's going to be a lot more blood spilled in this one before the day is done.

(Source Deadline)


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