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The seventh season of Sons of Anarchy is shrouded in a rather thick veil of secrecy. However, despite this, we have managed to gleam a rather large detail about the show's final season.

According to Christian Today (who are apparently also cover Sons of Anarchy news), a new sheriff is heading to town in the wake of Eli Roosevelt's tragic sixth season death. The new sheriff has been named as Alice Johnson. That's right. She's a she.

Alice has been described as a white female in her forties who is "serious about her work but also boasts an edgy humor." How she'll fare against SAMCRO is anyone's guess, but I think she'll certainly be shaking some things up in the final outing of Sons of Anarchy.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, we have no idea about who will be playing this important role.

Season 7 of [Sons of Anarchy](series:201186) is due to premiere in Fall of 2014.

What do you think? Does this sound like an interesting development for Sons of Anarchy? Let us know below.


How do you feel about Sons of Anarchy ending?

Source: Christian Today


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