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We all know Godzilla is a bit of a diva on-screen - I mean, his city-razing hissy-fits are famous the world over. However, in a recent interview with Bryan Cranston, it was revealed that Godzilla can also be quite the diva off screen.

In a press junket with Fandango, the actor who appears alongside Aaron Taylor-Johnson in the recently released Toho-classic reboot, talked candidly about what it was like to work beside the temperamental, mighty-toed King of Monsters. Check out the video below:

Clearly they should have been feeding him Snickers, instead of live goats...

I have to say, these kind of jokey junkets can certainly go both ways. We've seen some incredibly fun ones, and some ones which are just painfully awkward to watch - especially when the actor being interviewed is probably jet-lagged, tired of talking about the movie and just wishes they could get back to their mansion in Malibu. I have to say, this one certainly belongs in the former group of humorous interviews, and once again goes to prove that Bryan Cranston can act his socks off in any situation.

What kind of junkets do you prefer? These silly fun ones, or serious ones that actually discuss the movie? Let us know below.


Funny movie junkets? What's your opinion?

Source: Fandango Youtube


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