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The release of Godzilla last week arguably started the much anticipated summer blockbuster period. Soon all of the studios' heavy-weight properties will do battle in theatrical box offices the world over, but they're all going to have to fight hard to topple the King of Monsters himself.

Gareth Edwards' [Godzilla](movie:45291) crushed the box office to the tune of $93 million over the weekend, racking in an additional $103 million from international markets. This makes Godzilla's opening weekend the second best this year domestically, and the best of 2014 globally (it certainly took 15€ from me). All this cash has obviously got the Warner Bros. execs excited, as they just announced Godzilla will rise again in a sequel to the rebooted franchise.

Of course, at this early stage there is extremely little information to go on. Indeed, short of this announcement, Godzilla 2 could only exist on paper. What is certainly true is that Gareth Edwards has not said he's returning, while no other names have been attached to the project in either writing and directing.

However, the inner workings of Hollywood means any Godzilla sequel will be quite different behind the scenes. The project was delivered by both Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros, although only WB hold the rights going further. Indeed, Legendary are severing ties with WB after Godzilla, and have instead shacked up with Universal. Now, to the average cinema-goer, this probably won't make much difference, but the injection of new studio bosses into a sequel could potentially take it different directions - and that could be a good or bad thing. Just saying.

Also, locking down the principle cast of Godzilla could be difficult in the near future. Both Aaron Taylor-Johnson and his Godzilla co-star, Elizabeth Olsen, are due to join The Avengers franchise, which is likely to fill up a lot of their future schedule. Could, or perhaps even should, [Godzilla 2](movie:1433439) feature an entirely new cast?

What do you think? What are your ideas for the future of the franchise? Let us know below.


What/Who do you want to see in Godzilla 2?

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