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John Edakul

The Untitled Man Of Steel sequel is underway, even though it is eons away I simply cannot wait for this incarnation of the two biggest comic book juggernauts coming together and battling it out at the big screen. Here are few reasons why MOS 2 will be badass:

1. The first ever live action [Batman vs. Superman](movie:711870) team up in the universe

2. Christopher Nolan (Syncopy) is executively producing it

3. Zack Synder (The hormone fuelled 300) is directing it, this is a promise to creative special effects and all awesome slow mo superhero badassery

4. David S. Goyer is scripting the film (wrote the dark knight, and dark knight rises) this will provide a gritty and realistic feeling to the film

5. Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor.... I was in doubt at first, but after seeing Jesse play these awkward nerdy characters and his transition to mainstream popularity, Eisenberg can defintely bring in an all encompassing character growth

6. Ben Affleck as Batman... the Celeb hotshot, who rose from his downfall with gigolo has rose up with oscar nominations a leading contribute to the dark knight and also did you know he is a professional poker player (Bruce Wayne :O here we go)

7. Henry Cavill!! this is the dude that rules them all, Cavill's restrained and mono performance in Man of Steel (2013) showed us the uncertainty that superman lived with in his life because humanity wasn't ready for his God like power.

I simply cannot wait!! start by watching this epic tribute :P


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