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So, over the weekend as people went about their Fridays in Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco they were met with an emergency traffic sign sign reading 'Godzilla Attack!'.

Check it out below:

In an interview with SFGate, Paul Indelicato of Pacific Highway Rentals told them that the sign's had previously been set up to warn the general public about street delays for the Bays of Breakers race on Sunday.

Thinking it was a PR stunt for Godzilla the movie, Ali Wunderman spotted the signs just after 9 p.m. and snapped a few shots.

It has since been reported that someone hacked into the temporary traffic sign on Van Ness Avenue on Wednesday posting the 'Godzilla Attack' and 'Turn Back.'

Check out the other image below:

I have to say I would've had the same response as Ali Wunderman and thought it was a clever publicity stunt. For it just being a prank, it makes me respect the person even more and enjoy it without feel like I'm being caught up in a marketing campaign.

However, in terms of good marketing campaign, check out the great PR prank for the recent Carrie movie, well worth a watch.

Here it is:

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