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OK. Let's start this off with a rather huge spoiler warning. I can imagine most of you know what it's about, but if there's any Vampire Diaries fans who have still to watch the finale of Season 5 I strongly suggest you run off elsewhere.

So, millions of collective hearts were shattered on May 15 when Damon, played by Ian Somerholder, seemingly shuffled off this mortal (or should it be immortal?) coil. Somerhalder himself had been rather laconic about the whole 'death thing', until know. The star recently tweeted:

Of course, in the mystic world of The Vampire Diaries, death is by no means permanent. All someone has to do is find some magical MacGuffin and perform some ancient rite and Damon could be brought back to his adoring fans. Alternatively, of course, they could not.

What do you think? Would you keep watching The Vampire Diaries without Ian Somerhalder? Let us know below.


Would you keep watching The Vampire Diaries if Damon never returned?

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