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John Edakul

Godzilla , this monstrosity of the film universe has blown up in the movie world, winning rave reviews and audiences alike (Thanks to Gareth Edwards) ! Godzilla is mind blowing, and I do mean that in the best sense, down to the gritty details of the enormous size of the monster to the landscape of the destruction awaiting the city brought upon by this monster Kaiju. This further cements Warner studios both financially and cinematically, predictions tally to almost $800 million as it earns $200 million (US) worldwide making it the biggest opening weekend this year...Captain America 2 and The Amazing Spiderman 2 fall behind against this behemoth of a movie.

"Since its release last Thursday, it has racked up $93.2 million in the US, with $103 million internationally. Box-office figures put the film's opening weekend in Australia at $6.8 million across 498 screens - the biggest opener Australia this year. Godzilla stomped its way all over the international box office at the weekend, pulling in nearly $US200 million ($AU213 million) worldwide, making it the biggest global opening so far this year."

Wow , marketing and directing has truly outdone itself for this years blockbuster and there are already plans for a sequel, Legendary and Warner pictures have already lined up a sequel for this giant nuclear monster. What are your though comment below!


What would you like to see in Godzilla 2 ?!


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