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What can be said about Godzilla? While most reviews have been mixed by fans and regular movie goers alike, the consensus mostly boils down to one common complaint. So the question to be asked is, Was this reboot/remake a classic monster movie for modern times? OR, Why wasn’t there enough Godzilla? The questions have a correlation between them and I’ll explain why. My name is Shaun and here is my 2-minute review for Godzilla!

If you haven’t seen Godzilla yet I’ll TRY to make this spoiler fee. Keyword is TRY, so you've been warned!

The movie starts off following, man I hate when reviews go into movie summary, so let me stop here. If you want a synopsis of the movie then go read imdb! Let me jump STRAIGHT to the review which is why you are all here. From the minute the movie starts you get the nostalgic feeling that this is going to be a dark film. The tone of it was exceptional from start to finish. You never really know what to expect. The musical score didn’t help with that. It just added to the suspense. You don’t really know what is going on until one of the monsters is discovered and then the question you ask yourself is how it even got here. While the movie does a good job explaining with some story you still don’t really get a clear cut answer except they (the m.u.t.o.s – Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organisms) pre-date the dinosaurs and they live off radiation. They have been hiding for years near the Earth’s core and now they are back! So that’s the mystery to be thinking about throughout the movie and it is played out very well. Now this is all a setup because when the Big Guy does finally show you are left with some satisfaction.


The characters were nicely casted. Bryan Cranston did an EXCELLENT job portraying a father/widow that has lost EVERYTHING yet trying to solve the mystery even though everybody including his son thinks he is crazy. Aaron Taylor-Johnson plays his son and now new father and husband but of course has signed up with the military. So he was torn between his national duty to his country and his duty to his family. I believe there was an excellent balance between the two. He was not only trying to protect his family but his country at the same time. Speaking of his wife, Elizabeth Olsen’s character unfortunately is kind of forgettable which is sad to say. Just not enough screen time with her. But I will say when she was on screen she did a fantastic job. And finally we have Ken Watanabe. Man did he really play the part. I cracked up when he first uttered the name Godzilla because it was just classic. His narrative throughout the movie just added to the tone and just made it that more deep.


The action and CGI were top notch. From Godzilla swimming through the bay to him towering over the city, it just could not have been better. There was one pose he struck where you get the feeling “Here I Am Bitches. Come Get Some”. At least that’s what I thought was running through his brain haha. Which leads me to my only drawback of the movie. The fight scenes. When Godzilla is first introduced to the male muto, they start the bout then the scene transitions to people in the city. Then when we are re-introduced to the fight it switches to a news cast OF the fight which was funny but uncalled for. We want to see the fight! I get the style the director Gareth Edwards was trying to show but we got teased a little too much. The last battle sequence was phenomenal though and will go down as one of the best monster show downs ever. Will not spoil but a certain Godzilla attack uses has NOT been forgotten. I was cheering along with the audience during the fight. There was just so much excitement and thrill.


The sound and musical score were probably the best attributes of the film. The musical score kept you on the edge of your seat. I kept thinking throughout the “he’s coming” scenes “damn this reminds me of Jaws.” It was just a nice orchestrated build up and I thought it was executed perfectly. Now on to the sound of Godzilla. Holy S&*! Yea I don’t like cursing through reviews. I think it’s just tacky. His roar sent chills down my spine and the rest of the audience.

Indecisive Audience?

As for the negative feedback of this film, I just want to say this. If this movie went over the top with monster on monster CGI filled fight scenes then there would have been a lot more complaints about it. Not enough human element. Too much destruction bla bla bla. This movie was perfectly balanced in my opinion and I honestly think they pros outweigh the cons. Either way audiences would have found doubt so I’m glad the director chose this route.

Final Rating

Overall I give this movie a 8.7/10 – Sure it could have been better. It had its flaws. But I honestly still believe this to be the best monster flick in years. The director stayed true to how classic monster movies were made back in the day and I’m glad he kept that concept. I do hope there will be a Directors Cut/Extended Version for Blu-Ray.

So much for 2 minutes right? haha. Hope you enjoyed. Share your thoughts on the movie.


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