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Rich Johnson of Bleeding Cool got a tad bit schooled this past week in the fine art of modern journalism. He had posted an article on May 16th stating how AMAZON had announced the next villain for the Amazing Spider-Man comic series.

Amazon Tells Us Exactly Who The Amazing Spider-Man Will Be Fighting In His Next Arc

But at least we get an idea of what Slott’s story arc between the current one and the beginning is Spider-Verse will be called and who the big bad will be.
It’s called The Call Of The Juggernaut.
It’s Marko time?

Makes sense, right? Not to the writer of the series, Dan Slott, who posted:

Nothing in this “article” is based on reality.

Someone really needs to explain to Rich that there’s a difference between journalism and googling-things-and-then-connecting-the-dots-wrong. From my side of the fence, and knowing the actual lay of the land, the latter is the overwhelming majority of what I see coming out of BC.

At first glance, I was definitely like all of you out there with my 'Oh, snaps!' and 'He told you!'. Then, I realized that he's talking to all of us. Much too often we throw news out there without doing our research or by blatantly making assumptions out of thin air. We are in such a hurry to be the first one to post this bit of said news that, at times, we don't even check our spelling (guilty). ESPECIALLY, if the title can cause a stir, right? Get more hits. That's the goal, right?

Well, I for one feel the burn off the statement from Dan Slott as most of us should. I just think we need to be a wee bit more careful about the 'news' we post or the assumptions we make. You know what they say about assumptions....


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