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Godzilla opened up on Friday in the US and had a gigantic weekend at the Box Office, raking in over $93 Million, the film was also positively received by critics and audiences alike.

Legendary pictures has confirmed that a sequel to GODZILLA is already in the works!

Now of course this is no surprise, the film made a tonne of money opening weekend and it was a good movie. So of course a sequel is coming! Legendary planned this from the start, every studio goes into a movie thinking "how could we make this into a franchise?", companies aren't trying to make movies with these characters anymore they are trying to make franchises.

I'm a fan of this news, I liked the movie, didn't love it but I'm happy to see a sequel. The ending doesn't really set up for a sequel but it leaves it open, it makes sense for a sequel to happen but also it would still be a solid ending if it was a solo movie. I'm guessing this movie will probably come out in 2016, sequels tend to do best when they come out as soon as possible.

The movie had its issues but I think they can be easily resolved in a sequel. Personally I would keep Gareth Edwards on but change the writer because that's where I thought the movie failed, and for god sake give us more Godzilla!

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