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The movie that has people going crazy! One of the newer popular Marvel anti-heroes, the 'Merc with a Mouth' and the funniest and most bad-a** of them all!For those of you who don't know him, I'll give a short summary: A rip-off of Deathstroke, Wade Wilson is a mutant that was in the same Weapon X program as Wolverine. He is one of the few Marvel characters that break the 4th Wall (he knows he is in a comic book).

Now since he earned his popularity, people are craving a movie. But, another question is: What villain will fight Deadpool? And here is what I'm craving for Deadpool!


I know what your thinking, "This guy looks so freaking bad-a**" and he is! Tony Masters started as a supervillain, but now became a anti-hero like Deadpool. He is most famous for fighting against the Avengers and Deadpool. He is a mercenary for hire by anyone, including mob gangs and even S.H.I.E.L.D and the U.S. government! His "powers" are he can mimic any fighting styles he has seen, even if he only seen it once. This is my top pick for a Deadpool villain and should be included in the Deadpool movie 100% because he has great stories and battles with Deadpool. Both having seemingly killed each other multiple times and that would be great to see on the big screen!

The Entire Marvel Universe

Defiantly not going to happen in the first Deadpool movie, but my favorite comic story of all time! This is the story of when Deadpool gets his brain washed and goes on a killing rampage on everyone in the Marvel Universe. Iron Man, Thanos, Hulk, Magneto you name it, he killed it! Now I think, whether or not you actually know Deadpool or not, I think everyone would want to see this movie story line.

I understand it's not really a "villain" , but Deadpool is basically villains and allies with everyone! It would be great to see Wade fight our favorite heroes and kill them. So why not make all of Marvel a villain to Deadpool? It's pure gold!

20th Century Fox and Marvel writers

Again not technically a "villain", but this is different. Deadpool is a 4th wall breaker, and in his comics he is always mentioning the writers and makers of the books. Now imagine a Deadpool movie where he hunts down the writers, director, producers, and even the OWNERS of Fox and Marvel. I would be drooling in my seat watching that! Even if it's a little fun sort thing they do in the movie it would still be cool. Also in Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe he kills the writers of his books, so it only makes since that they do it in a Deadpool movie to add that funny factor!

Plus, Deadpool considers the writers of his books to be one of his greatest opponents, just saying Fox and Marvel :)

I know I was kinda pushing the Marvel Universe and Fox, but I'm just saying that, that would be some great opponents and stories for our beloved Deadpool. Plus, we want his movie done right. so lets have some great stories involved!

This was Part 4 of my CRAVE series check out: Batman Villains we CRAVE, Spidey "Sidekicks" we CRAVE, and Spidey Villains we CRAVE on my profile at Moviepilot!

As usual below are other villains that should be included in a Deadpool movie! Don't forget to comment and take the poll! Thanks for reading :)





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