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Before I begin this review I will give my thoughts on the first season: it rose above my expectations since when I first saw the trailers for this show I was immediately turned off and didn't even bother to watch it. Well I started hearing good things about the show and then I saw that Deathstroke was in the show, so I decided to check it out. It was a good first season but it had it's fair share of problems: many episodes felt so much like a soap opera, a few times the dialogue made me laugh, and the character of Laurel Lance really irritated me, and Huntress? Ugh.... But I think that Stephen Amell was good, John Diggle was a good "Alfred-ish" character, and Felicity was awesome in my opinion. Overall I give Season 1 of Arrow a Low Gold which in my rating system is like a 7 or 7.5/10.

Now I need to explain why I'm so late with this review, because halfway through Season 2 (or as I like to call it The Deathstroke Saga) I gave up because an episode angered me so much that I thought this show was done for but again I heard that the season got better so a few days ago I did an Arrow marathon and caught myself up and my verdict is that: it IS a better season than the last but there a huge amount of problems I had with it. Basically I'm going to go with Pros and Cons sections for this review.


Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen/ [Arrow](series:720988)

Stephen Amell is one of the main reasons I continued to watch Season 1 even when the first few episodes weren't all that good and that is definitely in this season. He is the actor who not only tries his hardest but he built himself up to resemble a superhero. His new mask is great, the suit is great, and he is overall a good actor.

Felicity Smoak

She becomes a full on main cast member in this season and she is basically a discount Oracle. I thought she would be annoying but she is actually my favorite character out of all of Team Arrow. She's funny, she's smart, she's not a damsel in distress, she's the ONLY likable female character in this show. We'll talk about that later. I love the episode with the Clock King where she begins to feel left out but proves herself to be awesome in the end.

John Diggle

While a little underused in this season, I thought the actor still did a good job. His backstory and love story with Lyla was really cool to see, he was pretty good with action, and he was a funny smart ass as usual. Not much more to say other than it's a good character.

Anything Involving the Island

The flashback scenes are some of the most enjoyable things about the entire show. I love the location, the story, and the tone. All the things that Oliver, Shado, and Slade have to do to get off this island are so cool to see. The twists and turns were all interesting (except for a few that I will talk about in the cons section) and the action again was fun.

Slade Wilson AKA Deathstroke

He's okay...that's all I have to say. Haha.

The Action Scenes

Normally shows aren't all that good when it comes to action but this show has good choreography, satisfying action, no dumb shaky cam, and clear shots of the fight...basically the exact opposite of the Dark Knight Trilogy fight scenes because well Arrow can actually fight.

Quentin Lance

This character along with Felicity had the best character development, Quentin went from despising Arrow all the way to working with him and respecting him. He was likable and had a purpose to the show...unlike two character who I'll talk about later.

Barry Allen AKA The Flash

Great job setting up the newest series coming to CW. I can't wait to see the show and I will review every episode when they come out. I like Grant Gustin, I think he'll make a great Flash from what I saw in the trailer.

Roy Harper

Yet another character with good development (except for a few things) the actor who plays Harper does a perfect job. It was so satisfying to see him but on a mask and become Arsenal.

Suicide Squad

Holy Crap, why isn't there a show about these guys?!? The episode involving Suicide Squad was by far the best episode in the entire season. Deadshot, Bronze Tiger, and Harbinger were all very enjoyable characters, especially Deadshot since they made him likable...sort of. Seriously CW get rid of one of your shows and give us a Suicide Squad show with Harley in the team as well instead of a three second cameo.

The Pacing

The pacing did pick up a bit in this season but it's still kind of slow like the first season. The pacing picks up around the halfway point of the season.

The Russian Guy

In the flashbacks to the island, Oliver meets a Russian man who I can't remember his name but I freaking love that guy. He was so funny and enjoyable and I can't wait to see him return.

Now we're about a get to the cons section and just a warning, there are things that really angered me and I might rant.


Sara and Laurel Lance

Oh boy...I hate these characters. Let's start with Laurel the person who the show constantly tries to make into an antagonist but yet Oliver loves her. Why?!? How can Oliver love this woman, she constantly shows how unlikable she is by setting a trap for the Arrow, she disrespects EVERYONE close to her, he blames everything on her sister, even though in just five minutes before she said she was happy to see her. I guess illusions are better than the real thing...okay then.
Then there is Sara Lance AKA the Canary...WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO THIS CHARACTER WRITERS! This character was one of the reasons I gave up for a while. I despise this character: her character is pointless, Caity Lotz is a terrible actress, and for a highly trained assassin she kind of sucks at fighting and reflexes. Also this is kind of a fault of the actress but see that face?

Yeah, get used to that facial expression folks because that is the ONLY one you'll see from her: pouting. Even in scenes that are not sad she's pouting. She's like the TV version of Bella Swan: no emotion, pretentious, and unlikable. And we haven't even gotten to the Black Canary part of her character; where is the awesome Irish hero who has a supersonic voice?!? Well maybe she's going to give the role of Black Canary to Dinah Lance the third sister or something. Dinah is their mother? Mmmmkay! So turn the Black Canary into a completely different character but give the character the name and outfit say "That should do it." Wrong! What is with Hollywood constantly doing this?!? You turned War Machine into Iron Patriot, you made the Mandarin an actor, you made Bane a servant to Talia Al Ghul with no super strength or the backstory of the original Bane, and now this. Is it really that hard to adapt a character right?!?
I am so happy Sara left at the end of this season and I NEVER want her to come back, next we just have to get rid of Laurel.

The Few Problems with Roy Harper

The good definitely outweighs the bad, don't get me wrong but there were a few things I didn't like such as Roy Harper getting injected with the mirakuru and getting super strength. Okay so you give Roy powers but giving Canary a supersonic voice is too much. Yeah here's my reaction to that:

Plus what was really the point of giving him powers? Oh right, so you could drag the process of him becoming Arsenal on and on and on. Look I like what they did was Arsenal, I really did but it took us an ENTIRE season before he even put on the mask. Plus the relationship between him and Thea is almost unbearable, I mean it's almost as bad as Padme and Anakin. Which brings me to one of the problems I had with both this season and the last.

Anything Having to Do With Thea Queen

Seems like the writers can only write one good female character and that is Felicity Smoak who likable...whereas Thea Queen is a useless, irritating, drama queen. She serves no purpose to the story other than to give the show it's twentieth romance. All she does is a whine and moan about how bad her life is: "Wahh! I'm a billionaire who runs a hit club and has a good looking and nice boyfriend! My life sucks!" Give me a break! Oh and then it's revealed that she is Merlyn's daughter...sure why not, we gotta make this show even more soapy in someway. Personally I hope Oliver is forced to put an arrow threw her and Merlyn's head in the next season.

Nyssa Al Ghul and Canary are Lesbians

....Wait what? Umm I know Nyssa Al Ghul is a terrible character in the comics but you could at least try to make her something other than fan service. Sure it might be sexy to see the two make out but what was the point? To create a love triangle-ish to enhance the soap opera levels.

The Soap Opera-ish Elements

Okay I understand wanting to make something dramatic but this show just keeps maiming it's episodes with all these ridiculous elements: Shado and Oliver loved each other on the island, turns out Sara is alive, Merlyn is magically alive, Slade falls in love with Shado, Sara returns to Starling and Arrow falls in love with her again (quite out of nowhere actually), Thea overreacts to the lies, Roy breaks up with Thea to protect her, Laurel becomes a drunk and addict, Moira had an affair with Merlyn so it turns out that Thea is his daughter, etc. You are a superhero show, actually act like it! I don't want a Michael Bay like movie but don't give us the most sappy useless drama ever.

Isabel Roschev AKA Ravager

Okay what is with this show and it's women? Do they know that women are more than just hot chicks who cry a lot or...are emotionless villains who are so cheesy that they make you laugh. Summer Glau is a great actress and she's proven this show she barely cares so she decides to go all out goofy. Then there is her villain outfit:

Pfft! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I have nothing to say. How can anyone look at this and not laugh like a hyena.

The Ending of the Final Episode

I thought the final episode was great...but the ending was ridiculous: ARGUS now has a prison on the island for super criminals thus setting up for future villains, Roy takes out his mask thus setting up for arsenal's return in Season 3, a possible romance between Felicity and Oliver is set up! YES! Turns out it was just a ploy. Dang it! The one romance I would have liked but they ditch it. Lance is wounded and might die in Season 3, Sara and Nyssa return to Ra's Al Ghul thus setting him up for a possible villain, Thea goes with Merlyn and they will return as villains, and in the flashbacks Oliver is in Hong Kong and now has to work for Waller (who is also sucky by the way). Really? You're going to drag out the flashbacks this much. Just stop with the flashbacks and say he spent the rest of the time on the island. But Marvel doesn't set up as much as you guys do, just relax. People are going to watch your show.

Dr. Ivo

Oh sweet! Ivo! That means that Arrow has to fight Amazo one of the strongest DC villains ever! The Amazo is just the ship...

That goes to the writer who actually thought that was a good idea.

Trying WAY to Hard to be Batman

Yeah this show is Batman with a bow sometimes. You have Deathstroke, Deadshot, Harley Quinn, and Clock King as characters. You changed Arrow from a smartass funny hero to a dark brooding man who operates in an underground base with a brainiac girl at the computer giving him information while he is traversing the rooftops and he has to pose as a rich playboy...sound freaking familiar?

But even with those HUGE flaws, this season was better than the last and I will watch season 3 but I'm mainly looking forward to the Flash series. I give Arrow Season 2 a Solid Gold which is like a 7.5 or 8/10.

What are your thoughts on this season, like it, hate it? Let me know.


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