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It seems as if DC is taking over with their five TV adaptations airing during this fall. So what's next?

A short film is something that Disney loves to do. An example would be the cute shorts that Pixar shows us at the beginning of each of their movies and All Hail the King, along with all the one-shots they've released. A webisode series is what it sounds like--episodes intended for online viewing.

So, here are my four simple reasons:

1) World-building!

Justice League
Justice League

They introduce many characters on Arrow, but not a lot in their films. Short films and webisodes are key in introducing new or old characters.

Caity Lotz as the Canary
Caity Lotz as the Canary

Problems that would come up are about who to cast, but think about it this way: say that it is 2016 or 2017 [Justice League](movie:401267) is coming out next year. Who's going to be in the movie that hasn't made an appearance in the cinematic and TV universe? Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, [Aquaman](movie:264237), and Cyborg. Okay, then during the filming of the Justice League project make a short video that shows the life and origin of Victor Stone becoming Cyborg. Since they might recast Hal Jordan, use some footage from the 2011 Green Lantern movie and replace Reynold's face with the new guy's face and make a 7 minute origin. They could release the origin stories before the movie comes out.

This also leaves an opportunity to introduce characters that add more diversity into the DC Cinematic Universe.

2) Low budget!

It's all about money for Warner Brothers executives. How would these videos make money?

  • If they were shown with a DC movie
  • If they were included on the disk of a DC movie
  • Advertisements
  • If DC were to air it with a TV show
  • Selling digital copies on iTunes or Google Play/Android Market

Another way that could work is selling codes that allow you to download videos. Say you purchase a comic book and like they've been doing with Comixology, you would be able to view the content without paying online

You see, there are many ways, so there's no excuse NOT to make them. Think about it DC, or else bad things will happen to you.

Superman vs Zod from Man of Steel
Superman vs Zod from Man of Steel

Of course low budget wouldn't allow for the effects like the one above (or would it?) but they just need to write a good 5-20 minute story or 5-10 minute webisodes and they'll be fine. As long as the acting is great and you get a sense that it could happen in the shared universe, all will be well.

3) Hype!

The Flash running
The Flash running

One of our first world problems is that we have to wait a while for [Batman vs Superman](movie:711870) to come out in theaters. Therefore, we cannot really judge too much, other than the castings that everybody seems to be hating nowadays. Right now, I'm really hyped up for [The Flash](movie:15273) TV show, which has an amazing trailer.

What's easier to make than a TV show? A short film or a webisode! What's faster to make? I think you get it. For the [Man of Steel](movie:15593), they had a countdown for some special promotions.


Hype hype hype. Something DC and Marvel are good at doing. Hype is good because it gets people excited to spend $$$ on whatever they will put out.

4) Think of the fun!

Let's see. Why do we love superheroes? Because they're fun or at least they should be!


They can adapt classic stories (as they do in their animated movies) and we'd be happy! We could be very excited for small stories that are available at our fingertips.


Would you want to see DC short films and webisodes?

Since a Wonder Woman movie isn't happening anytime soon (which sucks), I'd love to see a Wonder Woman short starring Gal Gadot shoot now and be released next year. Even better: a monthly webisode series would be amazing! We have not seen her in her superhero form at all yet and her appearance would give people confidence in DC Entertainment and her appearance in future movies.

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How long before New Green Lantern appears in DC Cinematic Universe?

A "Cyborg and the Metal Men" movie is cooler than you think!

It's your turn now, which DC short films and webisodes you'd want to see DC produce?

=) Stay flashy!


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