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Wait, what?! Harrison Ford wasn't always slated to play the beloved space smuggler, Han Solo? I'm afraid not. George Lucas had already used Harrison in the film American Graffiti and wanted a fresh face as his Han Solo. However, he hired Harrison Ford to come in and practice lines with other actors and he finally caved and gave Ford the role. But what if he didn't? Which actor would be running around with Chewie in our hearts? Let's take a look.

Al Pacino

This would have been nuts! Our favorite real life cinema gangster could have taken his talents to a galaxy far, far, away. Apparently Pacino didn't have much interest in the role, but its still pretty cool to imagine him punching the Millennium Falcon into hyperspeed, and blasting away storm troopers. That being said, I don't think the comedic relief would have been there like it is with Ford.

Christopher Walken

Imagine Christopher Walken saying "Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid." It totally works! I can actually picture Christopher Walken saying the lines and being a solid Han Solo. Would he have been better than Ford? I doubt it, but I still think he would have sufficed.

Sylvester Stallone

Okay, you can stop laughing now! Stallone was never going to be Han Solo and he even admitted he was wrong for the role. That being said he did try out! It's a good thing George Lucas didn't give him the time of day or we would have a crappy Star Wars, AND no Rocky. That's just not a world I would want to to live in.

Kurt Russell

That's right! Han Solo almost had a mullet! Turns out Kurt Russell also turned down the role for a different, and ultimately less successful movie. While Kurt Russell is funny and macho, I just can't see him as our beloved Han. For me, he's just too likable to be the arrogant and cocky Han Solo. Thankfully for us, he still churned out a bunch of awesome action hero movies, and we got Harrison Ford as our Han.

Bill Murray

This would have been a train wreck. Bill Murray would be the last guy to come across my mind as a badass, space smuggler, with a wookie at his side, blasting away storm troopers, and not to mention, Princess Leia is way out of his league. Don't get me wrong, I like Murray in his comedic roles, but there's more to Han than some funny lines. This just wasn't a good fit.

Steve Martin

Yet another comedian! The Father of the Bride actor was also rumored to be in contention for the role of Solo. Believe it or not, after seeing some of Martin's older work, I think he would have made a decent Han. Not nearly as good as some of the other choices, and certainly not as good as Ford, but he would have sufficed if we didn't know any better.

Nick Nolte

Nope, I'm not joking. And if that isn't crazy enough for you, he also turned down the fedora and whip of Indiana Jones! Thank you, Nick Nolte! You have made my day and Harrison Ford's career.

Burt Reynolds

Han "mustache" Solo? Would he have worn a cowboy hat? I have so many questions and so little answers. Would he have been a good Han Solo? Sure, he would have done a good enough job. Would I rather have him than Ford? Never in a million years. Burt Reynolds would have got the lady killer part right, and the charm is there, but compared with the other actors who played Luke and Leia, I don't think the chemistry would have been there, and the chemistry is what makes us love the original trilogy, and chemistry (or lack thereof) is also what makes us hate the new ones.

Well there it is! Believe it or not, these are some of the actors who almost became Han Solo.


Who do you think could have pulled it off?


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