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If you want to make me jump use gore/CGI, if you want to scare me use my mind
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Utero (2014) First Look

Baby changes everything.........

Arachnophobia meets Rosemary's Baby........I'm in

To those of us with kids that tagline alone should scare us. The new film by director Bryan Coyne producer of the dark little human condition film "The Human Race". Making his full length film debut as director and taking on the roles of writer and producer with Utero telling the story of every parents worst fear, somethings not right with their unborn child. The cast reads like a who's who of modern horror movies including reigning scream queen Jessica Cameron(who will be making her directorial debut later with the film "Truth Or Dare".

The plotline reads like what every soon to be parent goes through at some point "is our baby ok"

An agoraphobic unwed mother finds her psyche unraveling as she becomes convinced that her unborn child is more monster than human.

If the buzz and promo photos of the film are any indication we may be looking at the rival to The Sacrament as the top horror film so far this year. The more I learn about this film the more I can't wait to see it. So grab a cigar and a rolled up newspaper and wait for the birth of Utero


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