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The cast and crew of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy held a Facebook Q & A yesterday during the launch of the second trailer. And while there was nothing to be gained in the way of spoilers or anecdotes of intergalactic adventuring, there was a cool conversation with Vin Diesel - who voices Groot in the movie.

One fan asked Vin how many times he uttered the iconic line "I am Groot" during the production. The answer: a heck of a lot:

Oh god… maybe a thousand? I don’t know. It felt like a thousand. James Gunn and I were having so much with it. So it could’ve been a thousand. And it was amazing to go in there and to work with someone who wanted to explore the character- we wanted each “I am Groot” to mean something different… It reminded me, as an actor, how much we can do with so little- and if we’re passionate about it, good thing can come from it.

We finally got to hear Diesel say the line in the second GotG trailer, which dropped yesterday. Give it a look and let me know what you think:


What is your favorite Groot line?


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