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Remember when Robert Pattinson has just broken up with KStew and he tried to heal our ravaged hearts by looking ultra-sexy in sharp suits?

Well, my friends, that Pattinson seems to be dead and buried if his casual Cannes wardrobe is anything to go by! Sure, the star has been rocking some super smart looks for the red carpet, but he no longer seems to be a power dresser in his own time.

Check out these dad-tastic chinos!

I may jest about the trousers, but in my eyes casual R-Patz is the hottest of them all. There is something about a suit that is just so savagely ageing.

I can see why he did go through his power dressing stage though. Being publicly cheated on by your high-profile girlfriend must be a real hammering for the self esteem. Dressing like an alpha male clearly made R-Patz feel like one again, hurrah!

Do you think Robert Pattinson is looking hot at Cannes?


Is Robert Pattinson the hottest thing at Cannes?

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