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Kristen Stewart is not well known for her cuddly personality, but she has shown us a much softer side to her normally hard faced demeanour down on the farm.

The actress was in Nashville shooting her directorial debut a few months ago, and a photograph has emerged of her casually cozying up to a baby goat. Awwwww!

Being a country gal myself, I am more inclined to say that this is a lamb, but who am I to challenge KStew?

Kristen made her first foray into the world of directing to lovingly craft a music video for her friend Sage Galesi of Sage and The Saints. The featured song 'Take me to the South' has just been released.

Although fans will have to make do with the teaser trailer for now, Stewart has been remarkably candid about her directing journey. She explained that;

It's this very consistent strain that never lets up. Whereas with acting, there's small alleviate bits of tension for the camera and then you go off and, I don't know, wait to stress out again. But there wasn't one second that I wasn't sitting with my head in my hands. It's your responsibility to hold this thing together, and I was always concerned I was missing something. Missed opportunities are the most gut-wrenching, painful, nauseating thing. As an actor, your job is to lose yourself in the moment. Losing yourself is the last thing you want to do as a director, so it goes against my instinct. I had to harness my energy rather than let it explode all over the set

Although the gossip hound devil on my shoulder wishes Kristen did in fact "explode all over the set", my inner KStew fan girl has got her pom poms out cheering for this new direction.

Are you excited to see Kristen Stewart's directorial debut in all its Southern glory?


I gotta ask this... Is Kristen's cuddly friend a sheep or a goat?

(Source: E! Online)

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