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With [Star Wars: Episode VII](movie:711158) out in 2015 and [Star Wars Rebels](series:965946), set between Episodes III and IV, coming out very soon this year, it is very clear that Disney will be sticking to their word and releasing a series of consecutive spin-offs.

Now a German website, Star Wars Union, has allegedly received a leaked information from toy manufacturer, Hasbro. The company, who own the toy license for the Star Wars, have allegedly released a rumored release date schedule for the movies and the surrounding spin-offs that will be released. Being a toy company, and releasing tie in merchandising with whatever comes out, I'm sure they would know better than most the schedule of the movies and TV shows right now.

So the rumored dates are as follows:

2014: Rebels

2015: Episode VII

2016: Boba Fett

2017: Episode VIII

2018: Solo

2019: Episode IX

2020: Red Five

The [Boba Fett Movie](movie:857671) and young [Han Solo Movie](movie:857667) have been for a very long time the most anticipated of all the spin-offs so, looking at this, it seems to be a wise move to release them in between episodes; so as to keep the Star Wars momentum going.

The Red Five movie is a brand new project that hasn't been talked about too much. The premise of this would be following the red fleets of X-wing fighters, that Luke Skywalker fought with numerous times, most prominently in the Battle of Yavin. Anakin Skywalker also fought with the X-Wing fighters during the Clone Wars. It's hard to say whether Luke or Anakin would appear in the Red Five movie as it is still unclear where in the timeline it will take place. Perhaps they will be referred to and we will see some new characters. Authors Michael Stackpole and Aaron Allston’s wrote several books focused on X-wing squadrons and so there is lots of material to pull from and insert into a new spin-off.

So in the grand scheme of things it very much appears that Disney are pulling a Marvel and creating a giant world with a new film every other year that will contribute and make the world richer and richer as time goes on.

It must be said that this list is rumored and cannot be seen as official just yet. It will be confirmed or de-confirmed very soon.

So which out of this would you like to see most, and are you like me and wondering where the Lando spin-off is?


Which spin-off do we want to see?

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