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Did social media lose Chase Vasser the gig on The Walking Dead?

The former UGA football player took to Twitter in April to seemingly confirm he'd been cast in Season 5 of the zompocalypse show. In a post which has since been deleted, he tweeted:

It's Official! Tune in on Oct 13th on AMC for The Walking Dead! ,
bad timing to say I've never watch an episode of the Walking Dead. Gotta Catch Up ASAP!

Last week Vasser again seemed to confirm his involvement in the show, tweeting:

That's A Wrap! Finally done being 193 pound drug addict. Beast Mode now for next Role!

So I guess that means we can look forward to seeing Vasser do all sorts of undead damage in Season 5 then?

Well not quite. Turns out the athlete-turned-actor won't be appearing in the show after all:

Something here doesn't seem right. A couple of months back he was telling the world to look out for him on [The Walking Dead](series:201193), but now he's claiming he was never cast on the show?

I don't really buy it. Either he's still on board and this is a ruse to distract us, or he's spoilery tweets announcing his own casting didn't sit well with the overlords at AMC and they've given him the boot.

What do you think?


Will Chase Vasser be on The Walking Dead?


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