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We all know the "honeymoon period", and we all fear the honeymoon period... specifically, its end. We dread the day the sparks and butterflies give way to the humdrum of everyday life, because we think it's inevitable. Good news is that it's NOT, as proven by an adorable LEGO couple who never fail to keep their love alive.

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They've let us in on their secrets, to spread the joy of its success. Take a look:

1) KEEP UP those hobbies you both enjoy.

The magical bliss of simply "being together" tends to wear off when it mostly consists of "sitting around". What did you talk about on your first date? What did you do? Keep at it!

The LEGOs first bonded over their shared appreciation for art and culture. Once a month, they break out their bikes and explore their local attractions - museums, scenery, parks - whatever those hidden treasures are that easily slip us by.


In this "Age of Screens", the unlimited and immediate access to entertainment tends to keep us inside. Stale air and a lack of sunshine are fast roads to depression.

The LEGOs are avid hikers, and recently climbed the Blue Mountains of Australia. Nothing on the internet can EVER live up to the crisp air, stunning view and sense of accomplishment we reach at a peak.

3) Take on a CHALLENGE.

Active teamwork in the face of difficulty is a great way to remember why you two are so compatible in the first place. Go an adventure - rely on each other to problem solve, face some fear, and get that adrenaline going!

The LEGOs recently tried their hand at ocean rowing. As you can see, they were forced to tackle some serious difficulties. They say that since then, they've never felt closer.

4) Change things up.

Nothing stales a romance like the passive submission to daily routine. Eating, sleeping and drinking are so often mindlessly carried out, when they have so much potential for pleasure and amusement.

Next time the sun's out, before you stick those leftovers in the microwave, think about a picnic instead! Starry night? Ditch your bed for the sleeping bags and backyard.

5) Travel!

There's a reason people travel across the world for the Eiffel Tower. SEE those things you've always wanted to see! Change the setting; get emotional. Share a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You'll treasure the memory - and each other- for the rest of your lives.

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