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In this my first article, I will tackle the notion of the celebrated DC/Warner Bros. TV series "Arrow" being incorporated into the DC Cinematic Universe from a purely business perspective. I will not delve deep into stories but I will state the quality of the shows/movies mentioned. C.j. Harding will write a future article detailing the intricacies of my article. With that in mind, let's begin...

Let me state now that I think "Arrow" is one of the best TV shows on television. Even though I love Marvel, "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." is disappointment. You guys know what I'm talking about. So the prospect of Stephen Amell's Green Arrow joining up with with Ben Affleck's Batman and Henry Cavill's Superman in Justice League in the first one or a future film...sends shivers of excitement up my spine.

But why would DC/Warner Bros. connect the shows to the movies? Well, it makes economic sense. Arrow and potentially the Flash are bankable shows as are the characters. Even though "Smallville" was a great show, I feel it was a waste of resources because Warner Bros/DC didn't connect it to the Dark Knight Trilogy or the somewhat laughable Superman Returns. They were just separate universes with no connectivity. Arguments could be made that the aforementioned media were just "training wheels" and not a waste of resources. Moving on.

Thus, it would make purely business sense to connect the Arrowverse with the DC cinematic universe, simply because you won't have to recast actors for roles or spend extra time (which is money) on writing origin stories which have already been composed in Arrow and the upcoming Flash on the CW and Constantine on NBC as well as Gotham on FOX. Now, Gotham is curious because the higher-ups have already confirmed that it won't be part of the Man of Steel universe. Even though it looks good and that it might have good story, I won't watch it because there's no connectivity. Already DC and FOX have lost thousands perhaps millions of viewers like me who want to see a shared universe and now won't get it with Gotham. For sure Gotham will get a heap of viewers and be very popular. But even if the executives had no intention of connectivity with the movies, they could have dragged out the possibility so that more viewers would be drawn to the show with a slight hope of connectivity.

I want there to be an announcement saying that the TV shows are or aren't part of the cinematic universe. If the announcement is yes, then almost all fanboys and non-comic book fans will be more interested and thus watch all the shows meaning mas dineros now as well as in the future when the Justice League is released. If the answer is no, then I've wasted my time watching these shows, future tense of course. It may be difficult to coordinate with the various TV stations such as FOX, NBC, and the CW as well as the writers of the different shows, but with the right leadership and desire to create an interesting and compelling universe, DC will have a chokehold on Marvel's shattered universe and give the world what it's been waiting for: pure unadulterated comic book fun.


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