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It should have been AMAZING! Ever since Jamie Foxx debuted his 40 second Comic Con teaser last year, people were bugging to see Spidey swing from building to building, and face off against Electro, as well as figure out just who that "Man in the Shadows" (No, seriously. That's who he was credited as in the First movie. Don't believe me? look it up!) was and what the heck he was talking about in the next Post-Credits scene!

But instead, we got The Amazing Spider-Man 2. To be honest, there wasn't anything too wrong with the story, Foxx's performance was, to quote him in the movie "right as rain", the movie covered one of the most emotional arcs in the comic book series... SO WHAT HAPPENED??? Why did this movie stink so bad? Also, what the HELL was up with those last 8 minutes?!! Well, this Countdown might be able to help out with that.

#3 Problem with this Film: It was released Internationally 2 weeks before it was released Domestically

To start, I just want to know exactly how many drugs the Studio and Marketing teams were on to come to the conclusion that "If we release this movie everywhere else in the world two weeks before we release it in America, it will TOTALLY make more money!"

I mean, did they think that people would get super hyped about it and want to pay a ton of money to see it in theaters? It's the 21st Century. Because of that, sincet was released IN ENGLISH internationally, meant that people who wanted to see it, simply could download it, watch it, and review it, all without having to put on pants. That doesn't make too much of a big deal if it's internationally released and takes away from that, however, when your opening weekend of your domestic audience, which is your primary date for your primary audience, is only 90 million on it's opening weekend, the supposed "most money it's going to make in any one weekend" when your film cost about 400 million to make, that's enough to make a producer vomit. It's a good thing that the it grossed 100+ Million on it's international opening weekend, so at least it got it's budget back. Here's to hoping Marvel Studios saw how much this backfired on Sony and releases "Age of Ultron" in America before it does Worldwide.

Problem 2: Fox forced Marc Webb to get rid of his initially planned Post-Credits Scene

Yes, you read that that correctly (but I bet you didn't read that last sentence right.) STORY TIME

Okay, so did you know that Marc Webb was initially contracted to Fox when Sony asked him to direct [The Amazing Spider-Man](movie:45497) back in 2012? Neither did anyone else. Since Fox wasn't looking to release an action movie that year, they kept Webb in his contract and allowed him to work for Sony. 2013/2014 rolls around, [The Amazing Spider-Man 2](movie:508593) is slated to be released in May, the same month as [X-Men: Days Of Future Past](movie:203942), and poor Mr.Webb is still locked in his contract with Fox. This proves to be a slight hindrance, getting in the way of some plans that other studios have for Marc and plans that Marc has with other studios. So Fox tells Marc Webb "Okay, we'll let you out of your contract with us. No fees, no anything. HOWEVER, you have do do something for us. YOU have to advertise the new X-Men movie in The Amazing Spider-Man 2... FOR FREE." Now, since Sony is still too poor to go into a legal battle with Fox over a director, Webb had to comply and inserted the 1 minute clip of Jennifer Lawrence wearing her blue makeup and kicking some major butt.

Not like anyone has an issue seeing J-Law like this
Not like anyone has an issue seeing J-Law like this

However, this means that Marc's plan for an "8 minute long Post-Credits scene that lead directly into the sequel" that everyone was looking forward to would have to be scrapped, right? Well, the conversation went a little like this.

Sony&Others: "Nope! No need to scrap it, just stick it on the end."

Webb: "Can we really do that?"

Sony&Others: "Of course! Just have your boys do that magic trick that makes the movie look nice!"

Webb: "You mean edit it in?"

Sony&Others: "Sure, whatever you call it. Man, after touching up that script you had with our changes, like throwing in Rhino, and our awesome marketing team, this movie will be amazing! Get it, like the name?"

Webb: *utter silence*

Or something along those lines, basically Sony botched this up like they did with Spiderman 3 by forcing the Directors and Writers to put in more content than the movie was made to have.

However still, this is not the biggest problem the film faced! Oh no, that's something much, much worse than these two reasons put together...

#1 Problem with This Film: The Marketing was TERRIBLE

Okay, so you know how most films can manage to advertise themselves and do so without giving away crucial plot points? Well, Sony apparently has no idea how to do that, or at least, whoever they decided to pay ALMOST AS MUCH AS THEY PAID TO MAKE THE ACTUAL FILM didn't.

Yeah, you heard me. Sony actually paid a group of people nearly 200 MILLION dollars to give away EVERY crucial point in the film through their trailers. The trailer's advertised so much of the things that SHOULD HAVE been a major reveal or surprise in this movie. For example, did you notice how The Rhino was in EVERY trailer and EVERY major poster for this movie? Of course you did! It got you psyched about the movie, you thought that this was going to give you Spidey pitted against half of the [Sinister Six](movie:1274281), and perhaps provide a segway into the Sinister Six movie we're supposed to be getting before 2018! However, you got 8 minutes total of Rhino screen time, and a good 75% of that screen time was supposed to be a post credits scene!

On top of that, what was supposed to be a major twist, Harry becoming the Green Goblin, (Which if you watched the movie, you got the feeling that it was supposed to be a twist) was one of the most advertised parts of the movie!

On a lighter note, due to the bad rep that this movie is getting and how little money it's making for Sony, it has barely broken even in terms of how much money it's making, and sending the message to the production studio that "Just because it says Spiderman, doesn't mean we'll throw you our money" a message that Sony desperately needed to hear. Sony needs to allow a more Laissez Faire style of filmmaking and need, to quote AMC Movie News' John Campea "let their Directors direct, and their writers write".

In conclusion, I think this movie was a great film in and of itself, but there were problems and I can't pretend not to see them. This movie was, however, the movie fans and the studio NEEDED, and here's why.

The Fans needed this film to send a message to the studio that we as fans aren't going to just sit in front of a screen and accept garbage just because it says "Spider-man", and The Studio needed this film to open up their eyes and shout to them that they need to up their game and allow the Directors and Writers to do their jobs, not the fat cats in the corporate. As well as lighting a fire under their butts to get a better marketing crew.


What do you think was the Biggest problem with The Amazing Spiderman 2?


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