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So a couple of weeks ago, networks released their fall line up. Some shows I can happily say I am glad to be seen dropped; The Tomorrow People, Intelligence... Others I am absolutely gutted to see get cancelled; Almost Human, Dracula!

However, the following shows are the 4 that I am absolutely thrilled to be renewed! I was seriously worried that some of these shows would be getting cancelled. I find it such a shame that low rating result in a show being cancelled, its almost like big networks don't care about the people who actually like the shows. It is a shame! But, here are the 4 shows that I am glad to have been renewed.

Note: Big Bang Theory, American Horror Story and Game of Thrones will not be included on this list as audiences knew they were renewed before this list was out. Love them all and knew they would be renewed.

4. Castle

Castle season 3
Castle season 3

[Castle](series:714842) is almost a guilty pleasure of mine. I love watching it but I feel like it should have been cancelled 2 seasons ago purely because there are so many buddy detective style shows on TV these days. However, Castle for me is the best. The witty comments between the two leads always makes me laugh and the crimes each week always get me engrossed. Plus, the 2-part episodes are some of the best on TV. I also love how the relationships actually move forward and there is no guessing, which distracts from many shows I find.

3. The Following

The Following Season 1
The Following Season 1

One of the darkest shows on TV, [The Following](series:722144) came out at the same time as Hannibal and although they are different types of crime shows, they are sort of similar at the same time. Kevin Bacon is brilliant as the lead detective and the chemistry between the cast makes for tense TV viewing. I actually have a confession, I haven't seen season 2 yet! Have them all recorded and I will binge watch it all next week (after I go Comic Con xD). Based purely off the strength of the first season, I am glad to see it get continued as I find 2 seasons a weird number to end a TV show on (don't know why, just me) 3 or more seems better to end on.

2. Hannibal

Hannibal Season 1
Hannibal Season 1

[Hannibal](series:721010) is simply, the most visually stunning show on TV. The story twists so much that you cannot guess what is going to happen next or who will live to see another episode. When I first heard about NBC doing a show based on the novels, I was very apprehensive. I love Silence of the Lambs and the Hannibal Franchise and I didn't want to see a beloved book get a terrible TV show. However, from the opening of the first episode I knew it was going to be amazing! And I was right. Season 2 has been a step up from season 1 in every way possible. Darker, scarier and more twisted than ever, season 2 perfectly captured the tension and psychological horror of the books. Season 3 was a no-brainer (to me at least) because the show is going in an exciting direction and I cannot wait to see how it all plays out, however due to low ratings it was on the fence for a very long time and renewed almost last minute. Super excited to see it back and look forward when it comes back.

1. Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time Season 3
Once Upon A Time Season 3

[Once Upon a Time](series:720994) is one of my favourite shows on television. I love fairy-tales, fantasy and twisting story-lines. This show perfectly ties all of those elements into a funny, quirky and original tv show. Each season is a refreshing change from the last and the jumps back through time keep the viewers guessing as to who is really who and what are they really up to. The shows special effects are perfect for this style of fantasy. Although they are not at the level of Game of Thrones, I don't find that it takes away from the stories. I guess that if they put the money into more or better special effects, then the cast would be reduced to accommodate the expensive effects.

Brilliantly cast and well written, I hope the show continues for years (providing there is a story and so far, there is always something that changes how things will turn out).


Did your favourite show get cancelled?


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