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Female driven Zombie movie...need I say more? Night of the Living Deb is a zom-com (yes a Zombie rom-com), with a hell of a lot of laughs and arm biting to go along! In my opinion it's along the lines of Warm Bodies and Shaun of the Dead for your frame of reference. By why take my word for it when you can read the first 16 pages of the script yourself? Yep! Here is it folks!

Kyle Rankin (Director) with some cast members
Kyle Rankin (Director) with some cast members

"Deb Clarington is a hardworking 30-year-old gal, not a stickler for hygiene and holding a terrible track record with men. That all changes when she wakes up Christmas morning in the apartment of the most attractive man she’s ever seen. Unfortunately neither she nor Ryan can explain exactly why they spent the night together, and there is some debate over how much even happened.

An awkward walk of shame turns even uglier when they discover that most of the town has contracted a helluva zombie virus overnight. In their fight for survival, they are forced back into each other’s arms – literally! Now they must find Ryan’s ex-girlfriend, paranoid father and apocalypse-survivalist brother and escape town… without killing each other in the process!"

Maria Thayer at Comic Con
Maria Thayer at Comic Con

There are some awesome cast and crew getting involved in this production. The director is Kyle Rankin (The Battle of Shaker Heights, Infestation), with Michael Cassidy (Men at Work, Masters of Sex) starring and producing. Michael is also joined my Ray Wise (Reaper, Twin Peaks) and David Krumholtz (Numb3rs). And last but not least, Maria Thayer (Eagleheart, Cougar Town) will play Deb!

This film is about to begin production and needs your help! Their Crowdfunding Continued campaign goes to adding on more equipment, crew, shoot days and an all-around better flick for you guys! You can preorder a DVD or BluRay, or if you just want to chip in any old amount, you’re free to do that too! If you'd like to see this film get made, find out more on how you can help by visiting

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