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With all the comic book-based cinematic universes being birthed lately, it seems like the superhero movie industry is dying to beat theoretical physicists at the "Who has the better multiverse?" game.

See, that was a physics joke, because, forget it.

But seriously, with up-and-comers looking to attach themselves to iconic characters as a springboard for their careers, or veteran actors wanting the security (and ballin' cash money) of a juggernaut franchise, it seems like everyone in Hollywood has expressed interest in being in a comic book movie role at some point or another.

And actor Jason Mewes - yes, Silent Bob's hetero lifemate, Jay - might be the oddest person to express that desire. But that's exactly what he did when I spoke with him a few days ago. As a huge comic book fan, I figured he'd have some thoughts on how superhero films have exploded onto the scene in recent years. When I asked him if he'd ever want to be a part of that, his answer was...a little surprising:

I wouldn't love to be a main character, because I don’t necessarily love to watch myself as much, and I wouldn't be able to enjoy the film. But I’d love to play a character like Georges St-Pierre [Batroc] in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. I’d love to play a small character that pops in and gets killed or whatever it might be. I love watching comic book movies too much to watch myself in one, and I don’t think there’s ever been a bad one, even going way back. It’s exciting to see comics that I've read since I was 12 come to life and just get better and better.
I’d like to see how they do the Justice League. I mean, even if it’s not great, it would be awesome to see how they do Martian Man Hunter and all that. I can’t wait to see where else they take it, I know they have a list that they say they’re going to do, but I want to see Black Panther, raven the Hunter from Spider-Man…so many.

The dude is clearly a bona fide comic book geek (+5 for awesome) and knows his stuff, so it's pretty interesting to hear his take on it. This may be the first time that I know of that an actor has ever just wanted to play a sidekick or have a small role, rather than being one of the main stars.

But what do you think? Could you see Jason Mewes being a sidekick or villain? Marvel, in particular, is known for its outside-the-box casting.


Would Jason Mewes be right in a comic book supporting role?


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