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Now Im not saying all horror films are evil and are works of the devil, that is freaking ridiculous What I will be talking about is how some horror films have a sense of evil to them, and how it affects the movie. Now Im not saying the movie is evil, Im saying the tone has a feel of evil in it, that helps the film. Now this one be a top ten list. These will be films Im naming off that I believe have a tone of evil to them.

The Exorcist

this was a obvious choice
this was a obvious choice

The Exorcist is considered the scariest movie of all time. Its about the exorcism of a young girl, and two priest who try and save her. Now you can tell from the opening scene with Father Marrin, you feel the fear, and tension he feels. You know something bad is going to happen. From the creepy music, the dogs fighting, and the statue of Pazuzu, it really provided a grim, and suspenseful feeling. Even the scenes building up to Regan being possessed provided the tense and suspenseful feeling. The "You're going to die up there' scene is one that makes me feel uncomfortable everytime I watch it. It goes to Linda Blair's portrayal mostly. He delivery of the line really brings a ominous tone to the scene.

Also the scenes with Karras, and the possessed Regan again provides tense feel. You can see that something is inside Regan, and its evil.
the Exorcism scene, is probably the most iconic scene is horror history. The scene isnt saying the devil is real. The scene basically asks "do you believe in Evil?"


Lars Von Trier may be one of the greatest foreign director's ever. I could write a whole article on this movie, and explain why Lars Von Trier is a brilliant director, but I wont...yet. This movie has been called Disturbing, and Beautiful. It fits both descriptions perfectly. Unlike the opening scene in The Exorcist, this opening scene provides a sense of sorrow, and it helps mostly to the beautiful piece Lascia ch'io pianga playing.

Some of you may be asking is "where does the sense of evil come in?" That IMO comes through the dream sequences. In the movie you have scenes that feel like dreams. Such as the deer with the dead fawn hanging halfway through the womb, and the disemboweling fox saying Chaos Reigns. But this movie has more then just evil to it. Such as sorrow, loss and grief. One of the greatest horror films ever made(possibly the greatest movie ever)

Rosemary's baby

Not that NBC trash
Not that NBC trash

Who hasnt scene this great horror film? This movie is amazing. Its the omen before the omen came out. Again this movie has a sense of evil in it. Especially in the ending. Because the villain(the devil) wins. The end Rosemary decides to raise the baby as her own. This makes you know. The baby Adrian will become the devil spawn, and no matter how much Rosemary tried to stop it(even if she wants to) but it makes you wonder. Also the whole final scene is very terrifying. You see the fear and paranoia she feels and the sense of evil she sees when she looks at her child. Which we dont see thankfully. We dont see the child but what we can assume is his eyes are the blackest eyes the devil's eyes.

The Black Cat

This is the oldest film on this list, and my personal favorite. This movie has a ominous, evil tone throught out the whole film. This movie stars horror legends Bela Lugosi and Borris Karloff. The film is about American honeymooners in Hungary are trapped in the home of a Satan- worshiping priest when the bride is taken there for medical help following a road accident. Lugosi plays Werdegast and Karloff plays Poelzig. Both play off each other perfectly. Karloff has a dark commanding presence, while Lugosi has presence is a an gone insane.

Seriosuly they look amazing
Seriosuly they look amazing

The films has themes of satanism, sacrifice, rape, necorphilia, drugs, and torture. The black mass is a very terrifying scene, that just has a evil tone to it. And of course the scene where Werdegast flays Poelzig's skin bit by bit, is utterly terrifying. Lugosi mad expression and delvery, and the scream from karloff really helps the scene, also just the shadow of the flaying is scarier then actually seeing it. Most horror director will agree its terrifying. Even horror director Joe Dante said "The Black Cat is a rather unique movie, in horror movie history, as its the only real one that has a sense of evil to it."(Quote from Nightmares in Red, white and Blue:The Evolution of the American horror film)

Please give me your thoughts on this, and explain what you think about horror films and evil.

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