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Kalli Mulvey

This show makes me have barbaric thoughts, since they're against made up characters, I guess it is fine. The last scene of last Sunday's [Game of Thrones](movie:817617)'s episode had me cheering. Not as much as I did after the death of Joffrey, but close. Littlefinger is impressing me with his evil, sneaky ways this season. If you have not yet watched Game of Thrones: Season 4, Episode 7, Mockingbird, then you may not want to read on.

Lysa Arryn was one creepy character. I've found her unpleasant since season one, you know, where she's breastfeeding Robin and he's not even close to an appropriate breastfeeding age. Ew, no, ew. That's something I wish I could unsee. I also could not stand how incredibly mean Lysa was to Sansa. I'm sure she was terribly jealous of Sansa for being young and beautiful, but hasn't Sansa suffered enough already? She most certainly has, which is why it was so awful to watch Lysa threaten her and be violent. Threatening to throw her to her death through the Moon Door was beyond terrible. Yeah, I can see how she'd be upset about the kiss she witnessed, but she should have been mad at Petyr, not Sansa. He was the one making the moves.

I loved when Littlefinger came in and tricked Lysa with fake comforting. I love how he told her how it was and how he has and always will love Cateyln Stark, then bam, there he goes and shoves Lysa through that scary Moon Door to her death. She was vile and dangerous and she got what she deserved.

How'd you like the end of Lysa Arryn? Book readers, did it meet your expectations?


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