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Becca Castillo

This article contains spoilers.

The season finale entitled "Do You Believe In Miracles?" was an epic conclusion to this year's season of [Supernatural](series:200506). Overall Season 9 started a little slow and took a long time to build, but it definitely ended with a punch!

The all powerful First Blade...

affects Dean so much he turns down a glorious cheeseburger!

He decides to take on Metatron with the use of the First Balde

Only to be stabbed in the chest with an Angel Blade!

As Dean dies (truly, he DOES die) the only one trying to help him is Sam because Castiel is busy up in Heaven as he takes on Metatron and smartly wins (uses his brains, not his strength), and places Metatron in a prison in heaven.

Mean while at Winchester Head Quarters:

Initial reaction:


Season 10 should be interesting!


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