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Over the weekend, the highly anticipated Godzilla reboot destroyed theaters. Making 93 million dollars just over its opening weekend! When I first saw the trailer to this film, the only thing that I could think was...FUCK YES. I loved Godzilla as a kid. I’ll admit, I used to like the 1998 catastrophe too. Again, I was a kid. But after you see this [Godzilla](movie:45291), you will completely forget that, that movie was ever made. Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla looks like Godzilla should look. Monsterous. Which brings me to my first Pro;


Pro #1: Godzilla is absolutely massive.

They tease showing him a lot in the movie, but when you do see him completely for the first time, your jaw will drop. Or at least mine did. And he looks like the original Godzilla that started it all, but with a huge upgrade! But he’s not the only monster is this movie. The Muto, if you’ve seen the trailers, is that weird looking monster with the long skinny legs. Yeah, well, there’s two of them and they’re almost as big as Godzilla himself and they’re laying eggs. Oh, and they can fly. The second thing I loved about this Godzilla is that, he is the vigilante.

Pro #2: Godzilla is a vigilante, not the bad guy.

The Muto show up first and start destroying everything. But just as soon as they show up, Godzilla is right behind them, also destroying everything fighting them. But of course the humans think Godzilla is bad too and try to take him down, but guess what? Godzilla’s too badass to get taken down by missiles and bullets.

Pro #3: Overall Badassness

Godzilla is a complete badass, and so are the fight scenes. He travels though the ocean to wherever the Muto are, hunting them. He’s not fond of the humans either, but he has to protect his territory.


During the finally fight, I won’t give too much away, because in my opinion it’s the most badass part of all of the fight scenes combined. But I will say, he uses his atomic breathe. Yes! ATOMIC BREATH. The visual effects are fantastic! Not once was I disappointed in the CGI or any of the shots. Godzilla was beautifully terrifying. He becomes the savior of San Francisco when he defeats the Muto. But don’t leave it to just Godzilla for this to be a good film. The story is very good too and of course the comic relief is appropriate. But of course the characters are bland and the acting isn’t that great. Which brings me to the Cons. Really the only cons I have for this film is the acting and the bland characters.


Con #1: Bland Characters

Yes Ford Brody does some heroic shit, burns the Muto eggs and stops them from hatching but come on, his story wasn’t that interesting. Yes, the story needed him but the characters could’ve been way better. And a lot of the characters weren’t needed at all. Bryan Cranston, wasn’t needed. I wasn’t too impressed with his part. I hate to say it. He’s and incredible actor and that role could’ve been done with someone else. Did it help the movies sales, of course. He was advertisement that’s it.

Pro #2: Acting So Bad, It's Funny

The bad acting was sort of comic relief for the film too. It was so bad at times, it really was funny. But there’s one character I thought was the worst, most irrelevant character in the whole film and that’s Admiral William Stenz played by David Strathairn. You know that guy in the first trailer, speaking to the soldiers before the sky dive into San Francisco. His part is so bad it’s hilarious. Everytime he would say something to someone it was either a shot of him with his back turned, then he turns around and says something, or it’s from the side of him looking straight ahead then turning his head to say something. Plus he doesn’t look like he should be an Admiral of anything. If you’ve seen the movie and didn’t realize it or pay enough attention, watch it again and wait for his scenes. Over all I loved the film, but in account for the awful acting and characters.

I give this film 4 out of 5 stars because the fight scenes were badass and....

Godzilla is back!


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