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Plot Outline:

Set 100 years after "Return of the Jedi," the Jedi Order and the Republic are once again active. The planet Coreign produces a special ore that can power an entire city, but the Skenvi empire is interested in its potential for supreme spaceship armor.


Threads of Destiny is a fan-made feature film created by fans of George Lucas's Star Wars saga. The film took 9 years to complete with the help of more than a hundred people working on it from all over the world. The director, actors, and the rest of the shooting team all live in Sweden, so the whole film was filmed in Stockholm - but all in English dialogue. Produced by Tirzitis Entertainment, Branbomm film and Eclipse FX.

Rasmus Tirzitis, Director of Threads of Destiny: We wanted to make an adventure style film that pushed the boundaries of what could be accomplished in video production within a small budget. Since Star Wars is one of the biggest adventures in modern history in space, it seemed like a natural choice.

Pre-production in April 2005, and was shot both in studio and on locations around Stockholm, Sweden in the fall of 2005 for 22 days. Pick-up shoots conducted in 2006, 2007 and 2008 added another 10 production days. Threads of Destiny cost approximately $5,500 to $6,000 to make, mostly spent on raw materials for sets, props, costumes, catering and equipment rental to make the film.

Over 100 artists volunteered to work on the 1500+ vfx shots in the movie/film, using personal computers. Actually, lead artist Andreas Feix - who contributed close to 800 shots (721 in the final cut) since 2007 - did most of the work on a notebook.

Threads of Destiny was created to give artisans and craftsmen the chance to showcase their work, allow all those involved a chance to live the dream, and finally to open the eyes in the industry as to what can be done with a small budget, dedicated people, and undiscovered talent.

Star Wars is the sole copyright of Lucasfilm Ltd. The purpose of this film is to showcase the talents of its participants. This is not authorised or sponsored by Lucasfilm, and is a non-profit production. It is illegal to sell, purchase or make money from this work. This movie may be copied and freely distributed but not sold.

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