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The alternative title for this music school drama could well be Full Metal Drumstick.

The first shy synopsis for Whiplash, which arrived shortly before its premiere at Sundance Film Festival, made the movie sound like something of a cross between Dead Poet's Society and Mr. Holland's Opus: A tacky inspirational teacher drama centered around the relationship between a tough music school teacher and an aspiring jazz drummer.

This first clip begs to differ, however. J.K. Simmons plays said teacher as a not-too-distant cousin of R.Lee Ermey's drill sergeant of Full Metal Jacket fame, adding a personal note in form of an angry shiny plate à la Ben Kingsley's Sexy Beast.

Who has seen Simmons in HBO's prison drama OZ knows that he can be a mean son of a bitch. Well, he proves it again here - with a verngeance.

Watch the first clip of Whiplash:

If this clip didn't provide enough reason to get you excited, Whiplash has won the Jury Prize AND the Audience Award at the Sundance Film Festival this year.

[Whiplash](movie:1075695) will be released at soem point later this year.


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