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Tino Jochimsen

Welcome to the semifinal of our Iron Man 4 fan casting.

The last round saw some interesting results with newly minted Academy Award winner Matthew McConaughey being beaten by Joseph-Gordon Levitt (despite the latter having dabbled in the dark art of starring in a DC movie... tse tse tse) and Jon Hamm out-Iron Man-ing Golden Boy Ryan Gosling. Potentially most surpising of all: Colin Farrell beating Stark Sr., Dominic Cooper in a neck and neck race.

Before we get down to the voting, a couple of notes concerning the schedule:

  • Tomorrow we shall finally decide which of the contestants should be Tony Stark once Robert Downey Jr. decides to hang up the Iron armor.
  • The day after tomorrow we not only present the winner, but also announce which movie character will be the subject of next week's fan casting. More importantly: we will let YOU decide who should be the candidates for this yet-to-be-revealed-super-secretive role (an idea conceived after skipping through the comment section with tears in our eyes... they don't make an Iron armor for your heart, you know!).

Ladies and gentlemen, cast your votes now:


Norton vs. Levitt


Farrell vs. Hamm

Feel free to rant or chant for or against your [Iron Man 4](movie:886190) candidate in the comment section below!


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