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Mark Newton

Michael Bay's [Transformers: Age of Extinction](movie:206531) has just debuted a brand new poster which clearly illustrates Optimus Prime will be wielding a slightly bigger sword than Mark Wahlberg in the movie. Check it out below:

Now, I know posters aren't exactly high-art, but I've got to say this is one pretty awful Photoshop job. Nicola Peltz' arm seems to just taper to a point like some kind of wooden T-1000, while the general inclusion of the humans just looks like an after thought. Personally, I think this poster was originally devised to star Optimus Prime alone before some marketing brain decided to throw in some Mark Wahlberg and co. publicity stills. I can't help feeling it was a bad idea.

What do you think? Do you actually like the new Transformers: Age of Extinction poster? Let us know below.


What do you think of this new poster?



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