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Frank Darabont has fired back at AMC, accusing the network of intentionally delaying proceedings in their case.

In response to the letter AMC filled a couple of days ago, which slammed Darabont's lawsuit as "ill conceived" and accused the director of requesting documents "unrelated" to the case, Darabont and Creative Artists Agency (CAA) have decided to try and set the record straight.

In a letter to Judge Eileen Bransten, they say:

Plaintiffs respectfully submit that the Letter Response is either an intentional effort to obfuscate Plaintiffs’ claims or, more likely, designed for purposes unrelated to discovery. In any event, Defendants are attempting to argue their bizarre contract interpretations during what should be a routine discovery dispute.

In non-legal jargon, Darabont is basically accusing AMC of stalling for time and trying to obstruct progress on the lawsuit. The former Walking Dead showrunner had requested access to documents relating to the license fees for AMC shows Mad Men and Breaking Bad, but the network doesn't want to give them up.

Darabont claims he was unfairly fired from the show after Season 1 and AMC engaged in “the improper and abusive practice of self-dealing" - basically "selling" the licence fee of the show back to themselves for a knockdown price and therefore scamming him out of contractually assured profits.

Darabont's legal team believe the information contained in the documents concerning the license fees for Mad Men and Breaking Bad is not only relevant to the case but "it is foundational" to the plaintiff's claims. They also claim that AMC's refusal to give up these documents - documents they had previously agreed to share - is a deliberate ploy to stall the lawsuit:

It is unfortunate that Defendants are using this protective order issue as an excuse to delay producing documents indefinitely—even documents they have agreed to produce.

What's certain is this lawsuit is starting to get really messy. And with no side showing any sign of backing down, this one is going to run and run.


Who's team are you on?

(Source Deadline)


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