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The relatively surprising success of The LEGO Movie has seemingly started a chain reaction in Hollywood. We already know The LEGO Movie will getting a direct sequel, but today we've learned there are also spin-off movies in the works.

Warner Bros. has just announced they will also be creating a LEGO movie based on the Ninjago ninja-inspired LEGO mini-figures. Now, these guys weren't around in the days of yore when I played with LEGO, but according to Warner Bros., they have a big enough following to warrant an entirely separate movie.

The 3D animated flick will also be the directorial debut for Tron: Uprising's Charlie Bean, while [The LEGO Movie](movie:376368)'s Dan Lin, Roy Lee, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller will return as producers. The movie has already locked down a release date - presumably to scare off rivals - of September 23, 2016. Dan Fellman, Warner's domestic distribution president had this to say:

Following the huge success of The Lego Movie, we are very excited to build on the Lego franchise. We know there are already Ninjago collectors who can’t wait to see their favorite characters on the big screen. This promises to be a terrifically fun and thrilling entry into our Fall 2016 slate, with broad audience appeal.

With The LEGO Movie making $452.4 million worldwide, you don't exactly have to work on Wall Street to figure out why Warner Bros. are setting up sequels and spin-offs.

I have to admit, when I first heard of The LEGO Movie, I went into cynic mode and immediately thought it would be a worthless two hour long toy commercial that would bastardize one of my favorite toys. In the end, it turned out to be a heart-warming, humorous and nostalgic celebration of childhood. However, now it's turned into a major cash cow, I do worry for its later iterations. This spin-off just goes to prove that perhaps the branding and merchandising is taking over at the expense of story? But maybe that's just cynic mode kicking in again. I hope so.

What do you think? Would you want the LEGO movie universe to become a sprawling franchise?


Do you want to see the LEGO movie become a massive franchise?

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